Custom Designed
Kitchen Backsplash

The commission process begins with a consultation with the client or designer. Based on their input, full-size drawings and fired color samples are created.

An individual project may include a single size and design of tile repeated in quantity, a variety of designs that relate in theme or color, or a contiguous design over a set of tiles to create a mural. In every case, each tile will vary slightly. That is the nature and beauty of handcrafted work. Sizes and shapes can vary from 4"x 4", 4"x 8", 8"x 8" or any size that fits the needs of the design. Free form shapes can also be hand cut.

Payment Structure

A partial downpayment is required to generate designs and samples, applicable toward a 50% deposit due upon approval of the final design. Balance is due on delivery.
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Custom mural for
kitchen backsplash